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Start your freight career on the right foot with a hybrid training program that will get you started making a 6-figure income. The Armstrong Transport KC Training Program is a great way to enter the industry and it will be easy with our top 25th biggest brokerages in America, who give you leads, mentoring, coaching and a great back office! Join us today and be part of the family!

We’ve done the research, and our paid program is unmatched by anyone. We will teach you everything you need to know in order to land your first real-life job as a business owner. Our aim is to see you succeed and we have a proven system that works!

Our trainers know how to make money in this industry. They don’t just make it up as they go along, they are real people with real experience who want to get you started so that you can be successful. We won’t waste your time and energy with boring stuff. We want to help you get started right away so that you can begin making money!

Did you know it takes the average broker at least 250K in backing to become successful? Carriers want to deal with brokers that are established. Guess what, now you do! Forget fancy offices, competitors, and clients. You will receive access to a solid business plan and training from people who have been in the freight business for over 30 years.

Here is the breakdown:

Save over $250,000 annually by partnering with ARMSTRONG TRANSPORT KC

Freight Brokerage Expense

Brokerage Start-Up Costs

ATGKC Agent Model Costs

Contingent Cargo Insurance

$3,000-10,000 annually

No charge to you!

$75K Freight Broker Bond

$600 - $1,500 annually +$2,000 initial deposit

ATGKC has a $75K bond at no charge to you!

Posting Services (ITS, DAT,)

$6,000+ annually depending on the number of services

$0 our TMS will post it on our internal board, along with Truckstop, and DAT

TMS Software

$100,000+ annually, and upfront implementation costs, maintenance

No cost to you, and we continually invest in our proprietary system.

Operating Authority

Having a high MC# will affect your ability to serve customers

Low MC# which makes carriers want to work with us

Accounting Staff (Billing, Payables, Credit)

$40,000+ annually

We have an entire Accounting Team dedicated to you!

Marketing Materials, Business Cards, Company Website

$8,000+ annually

ATGKC has the materials you need and can create custom designs upon request at no charge to you.

Claims Management Staff

If not done properly, this can be very expensive and time-consuming

ATGKC has an experienced claims team to handle any situation.

Carrier Onboarding System & Safety Department Personnel

$30,000 annually for CargoNet & RMIS plus the cost of experienced Safety Department staff

ATG uses the best carrier onboarding software (RMIS) and has a department dedicated to safety at NO cost to you.


$500/month – you are monitoring your customers’ credit scores, right?

Handled by our credit staff.

Carrier Procurement & Pricing Staff

$40,000 + annually

ATGKC has a department that can assist in carrier procurement and pricing projects.


$250,000+ Annually


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Actionable Training

Trainings are done via the website and live video interaction. We will coach you through exercises to improve your skills and get you over the hurdles in a timely manner
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Interesting Quizzes

Quizzes help you check your progress and knowledge. Quizzes are fun and challenging, a great way to learn and gain confidence in areas where we need improvement.
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premium material

Our curriculum covers the most relevant and current freight topics. We’re adaptive to changing industry trends, strategies and technology.

popular Courses

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Gain the skills to navigate the complex world of logistics pricing, ensuring you quote accurately and competitively. Elevate your career, boost your confidence, and become the go-to expert in freight quotes.

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Sales 101

This class teaches you how to find shipping companies and get a favorable commitment for discounted freight rates. We'll cover how to find a shipper that meets your unique needs and what questions to ask when negotiating rates.
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1 Lesson

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Marketing 101

Learn how to market you and your company for personal success. Discover the tools and strategies you need to become a marketing genius, gain more clients and make more money.
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1 Lesson

100 %

Total Value: $649

*Disclaimer- Possible income that you may be able to earn is based on the number of affiliate partners that sign up under our link and make a purchase. Although we cannot guarantee this will happen, we are confident that by following our system, your chance of success is much higher.
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Get to Know Your Instructors

CJ Cowie

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Training Specialist

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Caleb Stratton

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Agent Liaison

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Trey Keel

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Systems Trainer

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Stephanie M


Media Manager

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Addam Odell

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Cold Calling Specialist 

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Listed below are the events coming up including our Zoom Q&A meeting where you will get a deep dive into our program and meet our owner. We also have the next few class dates listed as well

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May 17, 2022

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May 17, 2022

in Demand events

On our events page you can find our upcoming events including our Online Q&A meeting where you will get a deep dive into our program and meet our owner. We also have the next few class dates listed as well!